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Interview de Wim Wouters - GRIN (2014)

Voici l'interview réalisée en 2014 de Wim Wouters, CEO à GRIN STUDIOS, studio belge de jeux vidéos hélas disparu depuis, qui a produit le jeu d'action / plate-formes WOOLFE.

1. Your studio was created in 2002 but you mostly made web based games. Is it your first AAA game ?

Yes, this is our first bigger title. Don't know if you could call it AAA, we are just a small team with a limited budget, AAA-indie could be a good term to define it ?

2. How many people are working for Woolfe ?

At the moment we have 1 writer, 2 3d-artists, 1 programmer and 3 interns working fulltime on Woolfe. Of course there are also a few freelancers involved. A concept artist, voice actors, a musician and a sound designer.

3. You planned to go for episodic releases but the community said a big NO ! So, you're going to ship the full game later, in one piece ?

Indeed, the original plan was to launch in episodes. It seemed like a good idea at the time, because our budget is so limited. But after presenting this idea to our Steam community we realised this would not be a good idea. And after doing some calculations, we have to confirm they are right. We would have to start-up production after every release again, we would have to market again and again,... In the end it would cost a lot more to do 3 separate chapters.

4. You are casting voices for the english version of the game. Will it have french voices as well ? Does it depends of the funding ?

We will add more languages for sure, and French will definitely be one of the first we add. But yes, at the moment we have that planned in once we received our first revenue from sales. I guess we will have extra languages about a month after initial release. Unless our Kickstarter goes well then we'll have budget to put them in before we launch.

5. After being greenlighted on STEAM, you're planning to go on kickstarter in the near future right ?

Yes, this summer !

6. The game is expected for this year, and a demo was planned for the end of march... will the demo come in may ? And the full game, is it still planned for 2014 or pushed back to 2015 ?

Chapter 1 was planned for March 2014 but everything has changed now. We will wait to give a demo during or after the Kickstarter campaign. 

7. You haven't started kickstarter yet, but the game looks already amazing. Crowdfunding will allow to complete the game I guess, how much of the game is already developped ? Can you estimate it ? (For example, 25% of the game is done ?)

At the moment we have more than 30% finished. We got a small loan for extra money which will allow us finish the game, but there are a few features we had to leave out & we hope our Kickstarter backers will help us put these features back in.

8. Between Woolfe and Dragon fin soup, redhood blond girls are getting popular again these days ! What do you think about that Dragon fin soup recently funded on kickstarter ?

They Rock ! It seems we have a lot of common idea's, but we do have a completely different way of executing them. The gameplay can't be compared, but we're very curious about their game !

9. The graphics of the game looks amazing ! The unreal engine must be cool to work with. Is it the unreal engine 4 ?

No, unfortunatly we were already too far in development with UDK that remaking all the levels would have cost us 4 extra months & time/money we don't have ! We did however upgrade to UE3.

10. The music in videos also sounds amazing. Who is making those cool musics for the game ?

We are working with Tom Bleys, someone we know from way back in the day. He is studying at the music conservatorium here and using the music he is making for Woolfe as his master project. We really love what he's doing for us.

11. Are you guys fans of the Alice McGee games ?

Some of us are ! I haven't played it yet and I don't think I'll play it before we finish Woolfe. Scared to be influenced or demotivated. I don't know if our game will come close to the quality of a title like Alice.

12. The game will be on steam, but which other platforms do you target ? GoG ? humble bundle ? Will you have a DRM free version ?

Should there be a DRM free version ? We are looking at consoles & I still feel platform games play best with a controller in hand.

13. A physical version of the game (DVD box) is possible ?

Should be possible. At least one of our Kickstarter tiers should be physical and include a boxed version right ?

14. If you go on kickstarter, people is expecting rewards or collector stuff. What kind of goodies do you plan to offer ?

I don't want to spoil the surprise, but we are preparing something quite special I think ! We have different rewards for boys and for girls. And something you can share with your friends. The physical stuff seems quite scary to do & sending all those rewards to people all over the world, finding out how much sending a parcel costs to different countries is quite challenging by itself. 

15. How many types of weapons will redhood have ? The axe is not the only one is it ?

At the moment it's just a knife and an axe. We have other weapons planned, but we'd like her to be able to learn magic too. We feel it fits the fairy tale universe really well !

16. How many types of enemies are we gonna encounter in the full game ?

We've almost got 10 finished now & in the end we should have about 15 to 20 types of enemies, including bosses, I guess.

17. If all goes well, what are your next plans for Woolfe ? Mac port ? Linux port ? console port ?

We're using Unreal engine 3 at the moment & consoles should be possible without too much hassle. Mac and Linux I believe are harder to do with this engine.

La page du jeu sur steam : Steam store page

La page kickstarter : Campagne kickstarter

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