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Interview de Javier Trujillo (2010)

Voici l'interview de Javier Trujillo, artiste fantasy. Interview réalisée également en 2010.

Which methods are you using to make your creations ? Is it made partly from hand and partly from computer ?

They are all handmade, with an electronic board and an optic pen sensitive to pressure

Which software are you using ? CG softwares are often expensive, Photoshop for example. Is it hard to a new artist to get his hands on these softwares ?

Painter software. With this software I do exactly the same I did when I used paintbrushes or airbrushes on paper, but the advantage is that I work clearer and more secure. In my opinion it's really accessible and not very expensive, if we take into account the quality it offers. Photoshop it's a good software, but if you want to paint as you do on a paper or canvas, then your software must be Painter, there's no doubt about it. Photoshop is very crude in order to paint or draw.

You made a series of magazine covers for SCIFI WORLD, are you going to make some more ?

It depends on if I am asked to make more or not.

Which artists have an influence on your work ? Luis Royo ?

Luis Royo is one of the greatest and in some way or another it influces on all of us. The same happens with Boris Vallejo or Giger. But my deepest influences can be found in classic painters such as Caravaggio, Velazquez and over all in the surrealistic ones as Magritte, Dali... they are the reason why I started painting when I was young.

Talking about Royo, and since you're living in spain, did you met him ? Do you know him personaly ?

Yes I know him, I can assure you he is a great artist but a better person.

Usually, CG artists are using a MAC, or a PC for Maya. Are you MAC or PC ?

Mac, no doubt about it.

Some artists like Dorian Cleavenger, are working with real models to make their creations more realistic. Are you one of these lucky artists ?

I worked with real models when I was young, but not now. It's better but not practical for me. The model is there posing for long hours for you, fixing timetables with him or her... It's more practical for me using reference pictures, also because I recreate almost everything from my imagination basing on that reference.

On the other hand, this way of working makes me be able to work with models from different countries whose physical appearance caught my attention, and that would be impossible if I work with real models.

I read that some years ago, you made a comics version of the Wolfman (the old werewolf movies), I don't think we saw these comics here in Belgium. Was it available in other languages and outside of Spain ?

Yes, about, my friend and master Paul Naschy's Waldemar Daninsky, a worldwide cinema legend. They have only been released in Spain because the international copyrights belong to Fangoria but they haven't published it yet.

Sexy fantasy art is often associated with gothic style. Royo, Victoria Frances, and even your work has a gothic style in it. Are you in the gothic way of life ?

I think eroticism is inherent to all the history of art, either classic or modern. If we censor all the work of arts that contain nudes, the artistic lost will be horrible. About the gothic style, no, I don't think so, there are a lot of gothic artists that don't refer to eroticism, but to languid or shallowness of death. A lot of great fantastic artists have nothing to do with the gothic style.

In my case the link is established because of the everlasting association of the ideas sex - death, always presented inside the classic Spanish painting. I love vamps because of this relation between erotic seduction and life ruin they are always associated to. On the other hand, what interested me the most is the feeling of mystery and erotic attraction, that mixed create what Rene Magritte called The Poetic Sense

I discovered your work by your OWN invitation on my facebook page, how did you get the idea to contact me ?

I'm an independent artist, and that is what I use Factbook for, to contact with people interested in illustration art from all over the World.

What do you think about all the social networks of today ? You know, Twitter, Facebook, MSN, Google Buzz... are you interested in all these new communication ways ?

It's today. Not using them would be a mistake.

Do you like video games ? I think your art would be great to make video game covers. Vallejo & Julie Bell did a lot of video game covers. Would you love to make one ?

I never play to videogames. I really don't get a lot of free time from painting, but if I am asked to make one I'll love to.

Japan is more and more present in european countries, we have all the manga, the anime, the PVC figures, the J-Pop artists, the cosplay, the anime events, and so on. What do you think of this japanese wave ? Are you in it ?

They interest me as there are some really good artistic contributions but as a fashion. Japanese art, Chinese one over all, where all the classic oriental culture comes from has always interested me. The gardens, the music, the philosophy and of course: painting. Anyway, we shouldn't forget about the great master illustrators from the 80s as Sorayama, Masao Saito and more.

Talking about PVC figures, some fantasy artists were contacted by Yamato to give "3D life" to some of their art. What do you think of this, I mean is it good to make "toys" from art ?

That's another valid option, but I like the classic painting aesthetic and I don't want to go far away from it.

Do you listen to some particular music to work, to get the inspiration ?

No, I don't use music as an inspiration, I listen to it, but in order not to feel alone.

Where do you take your ideas for new creations ?

From my mind, from my imagination. I get to have more that the ones I am able to paint, it's a problem that bothers me a little, really. I don't have enough time because I imagine an idea and draw the complete outline in a few hours, the it takes me 7 or 10 days of non-stop work to paint it so there are a lot I reject because of lack of time.

I read on your blog that your first artbook will be coming soon. Can you talk about it ?

So far nothing, but it wouldn't be released before the end of the current year.

Do you plan to make calendars or portfolio as well ?

So far not, it would depend on the interest the publishing company will have.

Thanks a lot for this interview, would you leave a comment for the readers ?

Thanks to you Didier. I would tell them to read your blog but at this point I think they have already done it :!

Pour terminer voici un dessin dédicacé qu'il m'a envoyé en même temps que ses réponses aux questions !

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