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La petite boutique des horreurs du Mercenar

Interview de Gerald Brom (2009)

Voici une autre interview perdue restaurée dans sa version d'origine, celle de Gerald Brom, artiste fantasy américain. Interview réalisée en 2009 !


Do you have favorite locations or places to get the inspiration of painting ?

I live near Seattle, Washington in the US. The weather is cold and drizzly most of the year. It is the perfect climate for painting and writing.

Art © Brom All Rights Reserved

How do you get the ideas of your works ? From books, movies... or just imagination ?

Everything. Artist soak in their environment, mix it up in their conscious and subconscious, then try their best to put down this jumbled of feelings on to canvas or paper.

DOOM II © Id Software / Brom All Rights Reserved

What material are you using to paint ?

I use acrylic as an under painting, then go over the top with thin glazes of oil to get that buttery old world feeling.

HERETIC © Raven Software / Brom All Rights Reserved

Do you use computer graphic tools to modify or finalize some of your works ?

I still paint traditionally. I like the intuitiveness of brush on canvas. But, yes, once the image is finishes, I use the computer to do subtle adjustments.

DIABLO II © Blizzard / Brom All Rights Reserved

How long does it takes to make a complete paint (in general) ?

Depends on how complex the subject matter. I single figure painting with simple background - about a week. A more involved painting can take 2 to 3 weeks.

ULTIMA ONLINE © Electronic Arts / Brom All Rights Reserved

Do you remember a particular painting which was complicated or hard to finish ?

Yes, all of them.

Art © Brom All Rights Reserved

Do you listen to a particular music to work ? Does it help ?

I like melodic, lyrical music while painting, like Nick Cave or Leonard Cohen. Also movie soundtracks, especially from Spaghetti Westerns.

Art © Brom All Rights Reserved

Do you have a particular work that you are more proud of or that you like the most ?

Personal paintings, the ones that I self-author are always closest to the heart. The paintings I've done for my novels, such as The Plucker, Devil's Rose, or most recently The Child Thief.

Art © Brom All Rights Reserved

You made covers for video games (I remember the DOOM II cover) some years ago. Was it the video game editors that contacted you and simply asked you to do it ? Do you remember how it happened ?

Yes. Just a call out of the blue. I love the first Doom, so was very excited to paint it.

Art © Brom All Rights Reserved

I saw on eBay a statue called "Mistress of Death". Is it still available for ordering ?

I believe so. It is from the Franklin Mint.

Ndlr : Après vérification, la statue n'a plus l'air d'être dispo chez Franklin Mint, donc ebay reste sûrement le seul moyen d'acquérir la statue pour ceux qui le désirent... s'ils sont fortunés car les statues de Brom que j'ai trouvé sur ebay USA étaient vendues entre 300 et 400 dollars hors frais d'expédition !

Some of your paintings are twisted and dark, do you like the twisted universes created by Clive Barker (Hellraiser for example) ?

Most certainly. I'm a big fan of Clive.

Art © Brom All Rights Reserved

In the same style of questions, are you sometimes inspired by H.P. Lovecraft ? Do you like his mythology ?

Yes. His work is amazing.

Art © Brom All Rights Reserved

Do you have any new particular project in sight ?

I just released my latest illustrated novel - The Child Thief (a nightmarish retelling of the Peter Pan legend). You can read more about it here : www.bromart.com

The Child Thief est la troisième nouvelle illustrée de Brom après The Devil's Rose et Plucker :



Famous artists usually don't answer directly to fans but you do. Do you receive a lot of emails or requests from fans ?

I do. And am very flattered that people would take the time to write to me. Unfortunately I do not always have the time to respond, but try to keep up with it best I can.

Art © Brom All Rights Reserved

I read somewhere that you met Mr Frazetta and Mr Caldwell. You worked with them ?

I've not met Frazetta, but yes, Clyde Caldwell and myself used to share a studio at TSR.

Art © Brom All Rights Reserved

Did you met other fantasy artists ? Vallejo for example ?

Yes. Seems you run into just about everyone at cons these days.

Art © Brom All Rights Reserved

You like heroic fantasy so... do you collect statues or fantasy stuff ?

I collect new and antique weaponry as well as quirky Halloween toys and such.

Art © Brom All Rights Reserved

Brom is your real name right ?

My full name is Gerald Brom. All my friends call me Brom.

Art © Brom All Rights Reserved

Do you sometimes go to conventions to meet your fans ?

Most certainly. I usually hit one or two shows a year.

Art © Brom All Rights Reserved

Does a fantasy artist sometimes buy works or books from OTHER fantasy artists ?

Yes. I have a large collection of art books by artist I like.

Art © Brom All Rights Reserved

It's almost impossible to have control on the internet, so... what do you think of the people who sells your stuff (paintings, statues) for huge prices on auction websites ?

The internet is a terrific place to sell art work and art related merchandise to people that might not normally have access to it. I support the resale market for my original work.

Art © Brom All Rights Reserved

Did you ever had weird or very special requests from customers to make a new painting ?

I do. For me the weirder the better.

Art © Brom All Rights Reserved

Anything you wanna say to your fans or the readers ?

Thank you for supporting my work over all the years.

Art © Brom All Rights Reserved


Sa page facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Brom.Artist/

Son site perso : http://www.bromart.com/

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