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Interview Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell (2010)

J'ai perdu presque 10 ans de blog quand Gamekult a fermé ses portes. J'ai notamment perdu toutes mes interviews d'artistes fantasy, de créateurs de jeux vidéos, etc. 

Par respect pour eux, et pour mon travail, j'ai décidé de les republier ici. Dans leur version originale.

Voici donc la première, Boris Vallejo & sa femme Julie Bell, des artistes fantasy mondialement connus, interview réalisée en 2010 !


Julie and yourself are always working together side by side or do you sometimes need to work alone for inspiration ?

BORIS: Julie is my inspiration! We work together because it feels good to do so, not because we have to do so. Often, we also collaborate on the same painting, not just side by side.

JULIE: It's probably no surprise, but my answer is very much the same as Boris' answer. I guess if we both didn't feel the same way about it, we would do it differently! We are the most comfortable, happy, and inspired when we are together.

Vampirella © Boris Vallejo


Do you have favorite locations or places to get this inspiration ?

BORIS: In my opinion inspiration just comes to you. You don't go searching for inspiration. In that sense you can get inspiration anywhere.

JULIE: I think that inspiration is the act of opening your mind and heart to what is around you. A person can be inspired by looking through a microscope at something very small just as well as by looking through a telescope at something as large as space. Inspiration is receptivity.

Lady Death © Julie Bell


I wrote you a mail years ago in the early nineties I think. You told me in this mail that you get the ideas of your paintings in your own dreams. I always wondered... do you really dream of dragons and fairy creatures ?

BORIS: I said that? Now days I don't really dream about what I paint. At times I get images from cloud formations. How predictable is that?

JULIE: I do love my dreamlife and I have beautiful dreams, but I only bring my dreams into my paintings in indirect ways.

Crimson Mountain (Masters of the universe) © Boris Vallejo & Julie Bell


Do you only use oil painting or do you use computer graphic tools ?

BORIS AND JULIE: Oil and paint brushes! We are traditional artists.

Art used for the old Wolfenstein game © Julie Bell


How were you involved in the creation of the PVC figure by YAMATO ? What do you think of the result, do you like it ?

BORIS AND JULIE: The Yamato company contacted us to license the right to do the figurines. They did the figurines based in a couple of our painting. We feel that they did a great job.

Art for Bioshock 2 : Subject Delta © Boris Vallejo & Julie Bell


Will we see more of your creations in Yamato figures ? Did they contacted Julie as well ?

BORIS AND JULIE: Oh yes, They have made a beautiful sculpture of Julie's painting, "Golden Lover". As for new pieces, we are working on a new design at this very moment.

Art used for the first Doom © Julie Bell


How long does it takes to make a complete paint (in general) ?

BORIS: There is no real average time. It depends on how many hours we can work any given day, how busy we are with paper work and taking care of business. We like to have a month to complete a commission piece but it is not just working on the painting.

JULIE: If we had some willing person doing all of our errands for us, going to the post office and peeling grapes, etc., we could probably do a painting in a couple of weeks. It could be done even faster, but quality is added by giving a little breathing time for both the artist and the painting.

Ghost Rider © Boris Vallejo


Do you remember a particular painting which was complicated or hard to finish ?

BORIS AND JULIE: Of course some paintings are more complicated than other. We don't think too much about how hard it would be to finish it. We just love painting!

Golden Lover © Julie Bell


Some artists had to paint on walls or on ceilings to achieve particular requests from rich customers. I think of the large DOME diorama that Royo made with his son on a ceiling in a Russian castle. Did this ever happened yo you (or Julie) ?

BORIS AND JULIE: No, it has not happened. At least not yet.

Leather Jacket © Boris Vallejo


Do you listen to a particular music to work ? Does it help ?

BORIS: We always listen to music, whether we are working or not. We alternate music styles. One day we listen to classical music, the next day we listen to popular music. Does it help the painting? Probably.

JULIE: For me, the music does help in some aspects of painting. For instance, when I am just starting a painting, I need to feel bold and courageous, so I put on music that has the energy I want to have. Then, when I get into the smaller details, I might prefer something calmer. Also, we sometimes like to listen to things like David Sedaris reading his books because they are so entertaining. But we can only listen to books after the foundation of the painting is established because at the beginning, we need more intense concentration.

Dark God © Julie Bell



You emigrated from Peru when you were 23 if what I read is correct, was it for the 'american dream' ?

That was exactly why. Everything that I have accomplished in art I did in the USA.

Lady Demon © Boris Vallejo


You married Julie in 1994, do you think that she had an influence on your work (I mean, did you changed your painting style) ?

Julie changed my life in many ways, all of them for the better. Yes I believe that her presence inspired my art for sure.

Whatever I want © Julie Bell


Your son, Dorian Vallejo, is an artist too but works in a different style (portraits). Did you teached him how to paint ?

We have four children between the two of us. Dorian and Maya from my previous marriage, and Tony and David from Julie's previous marriage. They are all artists. We did not teach any of them because we felt that they should do their own thing. Dorian, Tony and David ar painters. Maya is a photographer. They all have their own individual styles.

Monica's Axe © Boris Vallejo


Did you ever came back to Peru ? You still have family there ?

I have lots of relatives there. I have not been there for a while.

Amber © Boris Vallejo


Famous artists usually don't answer directly to fans but you do. Do you receive a lot of emails or requests from fans ?

We aim to answer all of our e-mail ourselves.

The arrival © Julie Bell


You like heroic fantasy so do you collect statues or fantasy stuff ? Dragons for example ?

Yes, fantasy and other areas of art.

Unseeing © Boris Vallejo


Visitez leur site web officiel : http://www.borisjulie.com

Leur page facebook : https://www.facebook.com/borisandjulie/

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